What We Do

General Medical Care

Many people in Roatan, Honduras, have no affordable access to basic medical care. Common health care problems like hypertension and diabetes go unchecked—leading to disability and even death at an earlier age. The Oak Ridge Clinic is located in the heart of the poorest region of Roatan, and serves those people in greatest need. It is here where people have access to a local Honduran medical doctor and nurse for their general medical needs. Although small fees and donations are encouraged to help support the clinic, no one is ever turned away for the inability to pay.


Optical, Medical & Surgical Eye Care

The ministry began with providing much-needed eye care to the poorest region of Roatan, from general eye exams and glasses to the treatment of disease and advanced cataract surgery. We are blessed to have been the first to bring this level of care to the island. Now patients diagnosed with blinding glaucoma or cataracts can receive treatment for conditions that would have eventually led to blindness.


Bibles for Patients / Children’s Bible School

Health In Sight Ministry is a Christian outreach to the poor of Roatan. All of our efforts are for the honor and glory of our Lord Jesus Christ as we place the needs of others first. As we provide for better health and improved sight to those who cannot afford proper care, we also want to share the good news of the gospel. Providing English / Spanish Bibles allow us to do this, and patients are very grateful to receive such a gift. Also, our team sponsors a children’s Vacation Bible School once a year and is something they really look forward to as they learn about Christ’s love.

Serving Roatan, Honduras, with better vision & health.